Strawslip cottage

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    Über uns

    Hello from the heartland of the US, my name is Tony and my wife's name is Joy. We own and operate a small homestead farm. We have built a strawbale home and reside year round in it living almost completely off of the land. Our farm and home are on solar and wind energy. We are working on constructing more on site eco sustainable housing and would love to have like minded people to join us!


    We are a small farm at 13.7 acres. We raise a rare heritage breed of hog, heritage chickens, rabbits and sheep. We raise many varieties of heirloom vegetables across about 3 acres of gardens. The surrounding country side is primarily rangeland pastures dotted with old growth oak forests. There are alot of streams and small rivers within 30 miles in all directions. We are a mesic climate with about 28 inches of moisture a year. The nearby city is a population of 4000 people and has most amenities.


    We are building a 600 ft2 cottage with a loft. The framing is all timber construction. The walls are going to be straw slip construction. Earthen floors on first floor and milled hardwood in the loft. Also building another rocket mass heater in our guest room on our home.


    We are great cooks and all meals are farm to table dining. We have a seperate bedroom in our current home. We have an i door kitchen and outdoor kitchen. We also have campsites available as well as a cabin (without electricity), though it does have a woodstove and a generator is available as well.


    We eat primarily farm to table fare. We consume mainly vegetarian meals however one meal a day usually has some pork, rabbit or chicken. All are raised solely on pasture.


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