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The making of Camp Plaka

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    About us

    My name is Omer, I have traveled the world. settled to open a couple of travelers hostels, got properly slapped by the pandemic which drove me to buy a piece of land to my name i can escape to incase i lose everything else. It's basically an olive and lemon plot with an old house just above the beach in the beautiful region of east Pelion. I come here whenever i can to tend to the trees and land. My kind of vacation always involves volunteering or building, so i got me a place i can always do it, and host friends and soon to be friends from all over the world (that's you). From my experience there is no better way to get to know each other than to sweat together, eat together and then head down to the beach. I'm a jack of all trades (master of none). I learn from those that share, and share with those that want to learn. I have no problem with smokers, I'm vegan friendly (if they are too), I'm willing to talk about any subject, I have a partner and a 3 year old daughter which join me sometimes. I dont believe in anything, but i do believe. I'm alergic to the common hippie. Weed is a drug i let go off (and i recommend to put it aside if you join me, it's not needed here). It is important for me to respect nature, tools and locals. Dont pack politicly correctness if you come here, i'd rather pass the freesbee.

    My place

    We are in the eastern coast of East Pelion peninsula , Greece. It's amazing, very lush and squirting water all over. The property is sloped 4000sqm olive and lemon flanked by 2 streams leading to the charming natural Plaka beach. It's really something. The nearby village of Agios Ioannis (10 minute walk) has everything, from cafes, tavernas to supermarket, pharmacy and butcher.


    Yassas ! My name is Omer, and recently i got me a little piece of paradise on my name. The mission is to make it more welcoming, have fun while working on it, and all this time keeping it natural and harmonious. It's paradise, and can only get better and more fun. with your help. I'm not in a hurry, its perfect as it is, but there is a vision, a place we can camp and cultivate gradually while enjoying time together, doing, eating and chilling on the beach. *** The fifth round of the camp will take place in Spring 2023, april-may. no fixed dates yet. but keep in touch *** - tending to the olive trees, fixing terraces, digging a pool for the little stream, rigging a water system, outdoor kitchen, maybe work on the old hut and much beach time. *** More far fetched - set up a hydraulic electricity generator, build a bicycle human hamster water pump, install solar panels, fix the house wooden floor, and other crafty stuff, depends very much if you have the know how... It is a 4000sqm olive grove just by the amazing Plaka beach (outside agios ioannis village). We want to spend the summer turning it into a nice chill place where we can camp with friends (that means you ! ) - working on the terraces, making a garden, arranging camping spots, digging a shit pit, working on the old shepherd hut and ... going to the beach which is just 30 meters from the end of the property. We will get to know each other (just as both of us did when we volunteered to build in a festival some years ago), do stuff together, eat together, go to the beach and explore the amazing region together. that is what it is about, doing stuff together. but we will still have plenty of time to enjoy by ourselves and go out to town, mountain, beaches or sites. If you have good hands, good vibes and good appetite join us on these project. we will work, eat and chill together. Skill and knowledge in eco-building/construction/carpentry/gardening is a great bonus. We are going to camp there, on the olive terraces (i guess if you want you can sleep inside the hut but why do that in the summer), water we drink from the mountain stream, in the morning we'll have a light breakfast and we will cook over the fire or stove nourishing food for lunch or dinner, as we prefer. We arent vegans, but accept everybody as they are. Energy zapping brain picking kind of hippies please move along... The real deal is always welcome! If you read until here and want to write us please address the message to Chewbaca so we know you actually read our profile and know what we are about ;-) See you soon !


    We camp on site. I have quite a few tents, mattresses (real and inflatable), hammocs, sleeping bags/blankets. We use the shit pit for toilet. Shower in the stream (bio soap).


    I shop for us to have meals through the day. We cook together/take turns/someone take over.


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