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    About us

    We are a young retreat centre in Hainaut, Belgium. We are related to Karma Kagyu tibetan tradition and are affiliated to Samye Ling Scotland. We are open to everyone.

    My place

    Samye Ling Belgium is a very quiet place, in the middle of forests and next to a river. It is 30 minutes walk from Beaumont in Belgium and 30 minutes walk from Cousolre in France. The region is Hainaut. It quite an agricultural area and next cities are Mons, Chimay in Belgium and Maubeuge in France.


    We are lacking in individual accommodation. That is why we are building an eco-pavilion with 8 individual rooms. There is also a bathroom (2 showers and 2 dry toilets) and a technical room. We will be accompanied by our trainer Quentin Poëls and by 2 other technical referents: Max and Matthias. Our workcamp is based on benevolence and respect for the 5 pillars of Buddhist thought: do not kill, do not steal, abstain from harmful sexual behavior, do not consume intoxicants (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) and do not lie. Those who wish to smoke tobacco may do so off the grounds. Morning and evening meditation will be offered to those who wish to do so. A minimum participation of one week is required in order to keep a certain cohesion in the team and to allow the team of builders to have good training conditions. The workcamp will take place from June 7 to October 31. Please let us know when you want to participate. All the wood framing, straw bale work, clay plastering, perhaps the installation of EPDM on the roof, wood finishing, installation of the lagoon, perhaps some electricity, some plumbing, installation of dry toilets are planned in participative. In short, there will be plenty to do 🙂 Some figures: floor area = 207 m²; roof area = 284 m²; wall area = 233 m²


    camping in tents + shower and toilets Meals are also offered and cooked by our friendly cook helpers


    food is only vegetarian


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