The (maybe) wildest straw bale house in Denmark

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    À propos de nous

    We are both educated designers, Laila is a ceramic artist and Nikolaj is working with graphic design. We are both teachers at a danish folk high School teaching sustainability and ceramics. We have 4 children on 0,6,15 and 20 years. We are a normal family trying to live more sustainable - so we are on a journey of sustainability. The biggest project is the straw bale house we are building - but trying to improve our lives in many aspects.

    Mon lieu

    Friland is situated in the beautiful hills of Mols in Denmark - one of the most scenic areas of Denmark. Ten km from the ocean, a nice lake and forest that you can bike. And furthermore 45 min. from Aarhus - second largest (and most hyggelige) Danish city.


    We are building the (maybe) wildest straw bale house in the eco-society Friland in Denmark. It is a flower shaped house with a Beech tree as a center to hold the roof. Insulation is a combination of paper-insulation and strawbales. The walls will be clayplastered and the roof will be a living roof with grass and flowers. The walls have different heights all way around, so the roof will be like a fan (or a natural landscape). A lot of professionals told us we can´t build a house like that - but we are doing it anyway :) We are building everything ourselves. We are trying to use all the best sustainable materials, but are also willing to compromise when the situation demands it. We started building in february 2020 and expect to finish it by 2025...! 1-2 volunteers are needed What are we looking for? We expect you to be good at English (or Danish). Non-smoker and happy to build. Plans: Sep-dec: We will be working with clay on the walls Making the floors with reused styropor and clay Mounting windows and doors If you can´t help now - please write us anyway - and if you cant help - you are always welcome to visit our building site and see the project! We expect that you take a coronatest just before you come, so we don´t risk getting the virus.


    We can offer accommodation in a house-wagon at the plot - with personal bathroom and small kitchen


    You will be able to eat with the family or make your own food in the wagon. We eat normal food and if your vegan 🌱 we hope you will join making the food this we haven't a lot of experience.


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