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    À propos de moi

    I grew up in a cob house with my 10 brothers and sisters. So the best thing I know is helping and sharing. I work as an English teacher at a state nearby school. I finished my master degree on international relations in Bamberg, Germany. I am the coordinator of Servas Peace School and have been running it for 14 years now. Every summer we host volunteers from different countries. I have just started the first steps of permaculture farm. The first job is building a cob house. It is now the second week of making the bricks. I am originally from Antakya, south of Turkey. I volunteer for refugees. Currently, I am making my third short movie and writing a children book. I am keen on cooking, gardening, trekking, camping and dancing.

    Mon lieu

    Yukarıkızılca is village 35km far from izmir city center. It is famous for its mountains, cherries, olives, goats and sheep. People are open minded and they have both traditional and modern life styles.


    This is a project of starting a permaculture life on my farm. I have just started to build a cob house in the countryside among olive trees. The housewillhave two rooms with a kitchen, fireplace and a bathroom. We shift the soil, make the mud and then the bricks.


    I can offer a bed, food, sightseeing tours and cultural events.


    I have been cooking since I was a small child. I cook mediterranean and middle eastern dishes considering the helpers' preferences. I would like to teach how to cook too if helpers are interested.


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