Reconstruction of a 250 year old "borgata" in the hills of the "alta langhe"

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    À propos de nous

    Me (Ulrich), or us, that are Jeanette (Ulrichs partner) and Maxl (a dog) and me (again - Ulrich) have bought a small piece of land in southern Piedmont (close to Levice, Cuneo). At the moment we still reside in germany, but regulary travel to Italy for construction-periods of 4 - 10 weeks. Jeanette is a designer and carpenter, mother of three and a most wonderful woman anyway, Maxl is an eleven year old shepherd-mix. He is not very relaxed with other male dogs (sorry!) Ulrich studied architecture, learned woodturning and works as an actor (in fact he is a small one-man-theatre) and is pretty much a DIY-fan. In his second life he works as a personality/communications trainer

    Mon lieu

    The property has 2500 square meters and is shaped through its terraces that span around 20 meters in altitude. there is a dirt road (offical strada provinciale) leading to the place, so please leave your Ferraris at home. On the ground is a shower (heated) and a compost-toilet (with a very comfortable seat) apart from that we have a small kitchen-building (with one sleeping-place) the rest of us resides in tents or vans. Electricity comes from solar panels and batteries. Drinking water from our neighbors. the next town is Levice, Cuneo, the next supermarket is Cortemilia, the next train station would be Alba. The "alta langhe" is a hill area with up to 850 m altitude in the south of the Piedmont on the border to Liguria. warm summers, cold winters. Our property lies around 600m altitude. for more information you might want to check out https://www.gallmobil.com/blog.


    On the property is a collection of around 8 - 10 buildings (former buildings, I have to admit, it's all ruins actually) of wich we plan to reconstruct at least 4. The idea is to use materials, the land around us provides - straw, clay, stones, wood. At the moment we are working on the smallest building - "il Castano" - to make it winterproof. Next step after building number 2 ("il finile") will be an open air theatre with a small stage and place for around 150 people.


    I can provide space for tents (I can offer tents myself) and I have a couple of matresses. In the kitchen-hut there is one place in the dry. And of course there is lots of space for camper-vans.


    i / we provide for food and drinking - of course - mostly vegetarian with a tendency to vegan, but that is not a religion... cooking, shopping and eating preferably will be done together - so anyone is free to communicate their needs. should your needs be excessive alcohol or soda pops, you might want to bring some money for your own.... when i am in the working flow, i tend to eat twice a day (with snacks in between) - but that is just how i work, should there be different needs, everything is discussable...


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