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    À propos de nous

    Since 2014 we have natural building pooshers on the farm - work with straw, clay, reed, lime. had various group workshops on building (40+ people) but during the year work with less (wo)manpower. the place is starting to look good. after years of inside (of walls or ground) pipes and lines we reach the beauty of the surface. besides farm 3ha land, have bees and dairy sheep.

    Mon lieu

    Austrian countryside, rolling hills near 3 lakes, an hour from the capital vienna. Our neighbours are farmers - so you find plenty of veg, milk, meat around, not needing a shop. closest village 6km from our farm where there's shops and the busstop (north of Krems along the Danube)


    its the farm of pauls grand parents we are restoring since a decade by now. keeping what we like (natural stone walls, old vaulted cellars) - by now redeed all the roofs (so dry inside space we have now!!) in a mix of shingle, reed, greenroof. upstairs walls are straw, lime plastered or clay with wood cover. love details and work pretty slow - so > there is always more to get into ;)


    if there isnt too many at once we re up to beds in own room with running water by now!! else its tents or shared room mattresses..


    we cook mostly veg (except for if a sheep has to go, or a chicken), take turns in cooking normally - often with helpers we have a 'tour gastronomoaique', recently we had indian/hungarian/italian/jamacain cross over/reference tasting. pretty interesting!


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