Biofarm in Majorca

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    À propos de nous

    Hello! We are Manolo and Merle, an architect and a chef/nutritionist, with a project underway on a farm at the foot of the Tramuntana: a future meeting place and educacional center about organic farming and construction and vegan diet and lifestyle.

    Mon lieu

    The farm is located a little bit north from the village of Binissalem at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca. From the farm it's a 30 min walk (or 10 min bike ride) to the village where you can encounter small shops, cafes and a train station (20 min train ride to Palma).


    So far, we have started with the refurbishment and extension of the existing finca, a stone cottage that dates back to around 1900. Until now we have been busy building the timber structures and stuffing the roofs with straw, posidonia (neptune grass, a type of eco-insulation sourced from plants that grow in the sea) and covering it with Arab tiles with the help of some friends. Now we recently started infilling the structure with a light clay (straw-clay mix), prepared on site and compressed in the shuttering. Once  those are finished we will move on to the mud and lime plastering and  making the floors of lime and/or earth. For these jobs, installing the straw-clay mix in the walls, rendering these with mud and lime, and making the floors, as  well as the various on-going carpentry jobs, we are looking for volunteers! Come help us 4 or 5 mornings a week, in exchange for accommodation and a vegan meal on working days, between now and October `22.


    As accommodation, we can offer the upper floor of the existing finca (about 20m2), equipped with three mattresses, an armchair, a table, chairs and a gas stove; but there is also space for tents and motorhome. If you are coming in one of these, please check for space before arrival! On the farm we still do not have electricity or a refrigerator, we charge our mobiles with power banks, and we work with solar or camping lamps, rainwater (with bucket and pulley :-), dry toilet and outdoor shower. Water can be heated on the gas stove. Finally, we would appreciate it if products of animal origin were not consumed within the farm.


    Plant based, mostly whole foods as well as local and organic wherever possible.


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