Agnes & Mika

LABA Mauritius

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    À propos de nous

    Agnes Wild-hearted, adventurous and nature lover! That’s me! For more than 10 years, I dedicated my life to the preservation of the sea life! I have been diving a lot and fell in love with all the marine species, from the little shrimp to the majestic shark. After this chapter of my life, I decided to start a journey towards a more sustainable and green life. This decision brought me to LABA. It’s been four years since this place welcomed me and taught me so much about the natural world. Surrounded by wild nature, I am filled with positive energy, every day. LABA is a dream for me, and for my family, the dream of an extraordinary ordinary life. Mika I’m a happy, positive and compassionate human and I’m always ready to help! Full-time father, and I’m busy living my dream with my life partner and my son. Seeing my son growing up in nature fills me with happiness, every single day. I am fascinated by trees; how they grow from a little seed to a majestic tree, often full of fruits! I am building up our nursery which will become our food forest on the long-term. I’m pretty sure I will never stop learning about the natural world! Noah Babababa dadadaaa sssssuuuut habdfs fg sgrhgtrh uefoihcjh! Bai! Translation: I spend all day outside and I love playing in the mud! Are you coming to play with me? Bye!

    Mon lieu

    Laba is a place where time does not exist anymore, a place where we live to the rhythm of nature, a place where there is always something to do but where everything is so peaceful. Its forest is full of wildlife and its river purifies us every time we dive in. When you live in nature, you become one with nature. We are all equal, every specie has its importance and its role to play. Nature is perfect. Off-grid living. The town, Montagne Blanche, is very nice village. People are very friendly and you can find almost everything you need. You will find lots of small shops, vegetables sellers, Indian pooja shops, a police station, a school, doctors etc. You can visit some nice rivers and waterfalls nearby the village. It is situated in the central east of Mauritius and is approximately 35 to 45mins, by car, from the main towns, and from the nearest beach on the east coast.


    A community to inspire and dream. Among forest and rivers; community living, permaculture garden, eco-projects, camping, vegan food, retreats, music, art, workshops, volunteering, celebrations and life-changing experiences. Laba, where we aspire to live as a community. People come, others go, but everyone leaves a part of him there. It has been 4 years of smiles and tears, learning and sharing, doubts and hopes. A dream, a reality, our reality. It is now time for us to build a shelter, for us, for our visitors and for the animals. So as to reduce our environmental impact and for our own health, we have chosen to build the shelters naturally - mud house, cob oven etc. We are also building our nursery four our food forest. One of our dream project is to open a forest school. We invite you to share this experience with us, in simplicity, close to nature and to yourself.


    A nice camping area with shared dry toilets and camping showers are available. Bring your own tent and sleeping bag. A nice refreshing river is also waiting for you! To be honest, it is even better than a shower! There will be a common area to cook, eat and chill.


    “Made with love” 3 vegetarian meals will be served per day. Drinks: Herbal tea,water, and fruit juices depending on fruit seasons. The meals will be prepared by the volunteers.


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