Information for helpers


Ecobilda is about creating opportunities. The first one is to travel by either volunteering on people's building and permaculture projects. It is a beautiful way to travel responsibly and at reasonable cost, also out of the beaten tracks!

Cultural exchange

If there's one thing that you won't miss out, by traveling to Ecobilda hosts and helping on their projects, it's to meet local people and get involved in their lives and projects. There is so much more than natural building and permaculture behind this, there is the human touch, the meeting of like minded folks. The building is just there to give a reason to this meeting each other, yet that is probably what you will remember the most.

Learning opportunities

You travel, you meet like minded people, and last but not least, you learn. About their culture, which is sometimes more valuable than practical knowledge. But you will also learn natural building and permaculture techniques, gain experience and knowledge via hands on practice. There is no best way to learn than by doing. Learning while helping others realize their dream, whether it is to build a strawbale or cob house or design their permatulcural garden or orchard is truly a nice way to go!

Where to start?