Kasbah Bouchaara - Tranquil Desert Oasis in Tagounite, Morocc

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    About me

    I'm Mohamed, a 20yo Moroccan who likes to travel and explore new places. I'm a positive, kind person who wants to live an adventurous, nature-filled life. I am motivated to learn new things daily, share deep conversations with people, and push myself out of my comfort zone after a few years of anxiety. I am able to recognize the beauty in our intricate differences when I hold respect and humility toward others (and their cultures). Conversations with me often turn out to be unexpected, yet illuminating due to my patience, listening skills, and compassion for others. When I'm not reading, I'm in nature, learning a random language, sitting in the sun, finding inspiration to write, or exploring the unknown. Let's talk and see if we're a good match. I have a big passion for animals and have long been a volunteer at a cat shelter, and have fostered several dogs, we just adopted a kitten! I have a lot of respect for our beautiful planet earth, and all beings that we share it with. It's easy for me to learn new things, and I enjoy immersing myself in new experiences. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish what I am unable to do right now. It is not my habit to smoke, and I am not a big partygoer, though I do love to have fun! It is always my goal to make others comfortable and happy around me.

    My place

    Nothing is perfect in this world – we keep it simple and real with the best hospitality. We talk through our actions – so you will get the best hospitality here instead of hollow talk. ➡️Life at the farm and goal of the Kasbah we are building: It is a Kasbah of pose architecture (rammed clay) with local Berber influences. Restoring the Kasbah was more an act of preservation and restoration than of transformation. We highlighted the structure’s weather-worn imperfections, and wabi-sabi nature and blended it with the local desert environment, and the simple elegance of the Sahara, with all its stunning golden hues. Our goal is to build 10 guest rooms, a salon and a restaurant in a Berber lifestyle through the usage of high clay walls and Berber beamed ceilings, local wooden doors and windows, accented by timeout handmade tiles, natural carpets, and handwoven textiles are used throughout. “ Live in the seasons, dance in the sunlight, and dream under the stars.” ➡️A bit more about the architecture: A masterpiece of simplicity and expression, the clay buildings cleverly negotiate various pragmatic and emotive elements of the real desert experience. The Berbers weren’t thinking about making something that looked a certain way, they were thinking, ‘Where is the sun, the wind? What is the structure’s purpose within its environment?’ That’s why their buildings have remained over time. Likewise, at the place, we started with the original purpose of the structure, the history of the local village life, and the personality of the place. The concept evolved from these things organically.


    🌴The farm Zaid, the CEO and Mohamed’s dad, has the goal of making the farm and the Kasbah a “gathering place” for meaningful interactions. The project is about creating connectedness and blurring the boundaries – with both locals and guests. For us, simplicity is our ultimate luxury, the simple life, the desert life. The farm is located 2kms away from Tagounite city center. We grow pam trees 🌴, orange trees🍊, corn🌽, but also green peas and pomegranates. We have a small Berber building (made out of mud) with one room that we want to transform into a guest house with authentic Berber furniture. Our goal is to welcome guests into the farm to create a community where we can all participate to grow vegetables and fruits. Work to do at the farm: 🌴Plant watering, harvesting and growing 🌴There were differently decorated rooms constructed in the house. We think we'll build a large living room and a spacious sleeping area. Our building will use two types of sand and water, and hay for the construction. we have 1 room ready but we need to build at least a bathroom and furnish the room. We have a plan for that. 🌴Build a bathroom and sink for the house 🌴Water reserves need to be covered 🌴Occasionally we need to collect water 🌴And more! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐫 The excursions in the desert Mohamed has been organizing all sorts of excursions in the desert for a while now. We want to make it a more concrete project mainly because we like sharing our culture and show you the real desert life. Our excursions are about making memorable moments and we consider our clients as friends and family. We plan to offer 3 different types of excursions and make them available probably via bnb and ultimately with our own website. We'd be more than happy to also take you to the desert if you fancy going! 🐫 Any advice from you on how to make this project real is welcome! 🐫 And more! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🏠 The house and garden We live in a house in Tagounite with a nice and peaceful garden, as well as a rooftop we are currently renovating. Our goal is to make this house as homely as possible and we are more than happy to get your suggestions or to welcome artists who want to have their own projects in the house or garden. We of course have already some plans that you can help with, and since you'll be living here with us, you can help us with the day-to-day maintenance too. We'd love to teach you how to take care of the garden, how to cook traditional Moroccan dishes like msemens, tajine and Berber pizzas. 🏠Repair the mud wall from outside with traditional mud bricks 🏠Remove the mud from the rooftop to make it a great living area (by the way we like sleeping on the roof sometimes, it's amazing!!) 🏠Take care of the garden: water, plant, harvest. We have coriander, corn, pomegranate, palm trees and even cotton! 🏠Housekeeping 🏠Decorative paintings in and outside the house: feel free to be as creative as you'd like! 🏠Construction of a chill area in the garden 🏠And more!


    You will be either staying in our Tagounite house with us, where you'll experience the Berber culture and lifestyle. We like to sleep on the roof sometimes to watch the stars - trust me it feels amazing! We have enough room for about 10 people so don't worry we'll always have room for you! If you are looking for getting back to a more simple life, where you can take showers or wash your laundry outside, cook meals and share them with us, relax listening to the birds and the desert wind, then wait no longer! ------------------------------------------------------------------ 💁PRACTICAL INFORMATION: 🍳We will provide breakfast and lunch to the volunteers 🍽️Volunteers must take care of their dinner: you can either buy your own food or we can also share the cost of the dinner if we eat together 🛏️We currently have a common bedroom but are able to accommodate people in separate rooms too 🛏️We sleep on carpets on the floor (it's actually really good for your back and comfortable!) 💦We have 2 squat toilets and a shower with buckets 📶We do have wifi but with limited access. We are happy to provide a connection but if you need more data, we may require a participation as we have a limited monthly internet allowance 💹We currently don't have a source of revenue, so we run a very simple life but we do our best to make you feel welcome :-)


    At our project, we offer a delightful culinary experience for our helpers. We understand the importance of providing nourishing meals to keep you fueled and satisfied during your time with us. Our talented cooks prepare a range of delicious dishes, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Moroccan cuisine. From aromatic tagines to flavorful couscous, our food reflects the authentic tastes of the region. We also incorporate fresh salads, local ingredients, and traditional spices to create a memorable dining experience. We take into consideration different dietary preferences and needs, accommodating vegetarians, vegans, and individuals with specific food allergies or restrictions. Please inform us in advance, and we will ensure you have appropriate options available. To show our gratitude for your assistance, we provide a daily food allowance of 50 Moroccan dirhams. This allows you to enhance your meals or explore local food options during your free time, immersing yourself in the culinary delights of Morocco. We believe that sharing meals together fosters a sense of community and appreciation. Join us as we savor the flavors of Morocco, and let us take care of your culinary needs while you contribute to our project


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