Information for host

It’s all about natural building and permaculture projects and receiving help from like minded people.

Natural building

You are building or renovating your house or an old barn using natural materials? Clay, straw, hemp, lime, wood and stone are your new friends? What a beautiful way to go! Natural building is the most energy efficient and healthy way of building homes there is. But as you probably know already, if there is one obstacle to it, it has to be that it is quite labour intensive. It may feel like an inconvenience until you realize it being part of its beauty as it enables you to host like minded people to help you on your project and thus experience something much deeper than mud: human connections!


It is way of life, mostly about observing nature and understanding its mechanisms in order to work with it rather than against it. There are several rules in permaculture, among which one says that nothing ever really is waste, but everything is valuable resource if you would only look at it from a different perspective.

Permaculture is a way of seeing and approaching life and nature all together. It is mostly applied in gardening and forest management but can really be applied in all fields of life. If you run your vegetable garden, your farm or orchard using permaculture techniques, you could probably also need some help doing that. There are thousands of people ready to come by to help and learn!

Like minded people, the Bildars (helpers)

That’s the point on Ecobilda: it is a community of like minded people interested in natural building and permaculture. Again, Ecobilda is also and mostly about human connections. As a host, you will get to meet people from all over the world, willing to meet you and work on your project, to share and learn about those ecological and healthy skills.

About hosting

As a host, you are expected to provide food and accommodation in return for free labour. If you have never hosted people before, we recommend that you start with one or two Bildars (helpers) at first, just to get the hang of it. Then host more if you feel comfortable with it. Always be clear in your communications about what you expect from your Bildar(s) as well as about what you offer them in return for their work. The clearer it is prior to any commitment, the better as it results in clear expectations leading to positive experiences. Communication is the key.

Where to start?