Johanna, Jens, Sara and Nora

Building with wood, straw bales and clay in an rural eco-village

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    About us

    We, Johanna, Jens, Sara and Nora, are a family of four who lives in Goda Händer eko-village. We are now building our own home. A house out of wood from the nearby forest, straw bales from a farmer in the area and clay from one of our fields. We try to choose materials that affect the environment and the climate as little as possible.

    My place

    Goda Händer eco-village is situated in Råbäck, a very small village by the lake of Skagern. It's a beautiful rural area. We are 12 kilometers from the nearest store that is in Finnerödja and 25 kilometers from the nearest small town Laxå. In Laxå there is a trainstation where we love to pick you up. Laxå is situatuated exactly in the middle between Stockholm and Göteborg, the two biggest towns in Sweden.


    * Learn to build straw bale houses as a volunteer in Goda Händer eco-village! * 4–11 August 2021. * Learn to clay plaster straw bale walls as a volunteer in Goda Händer eco-village! * 13–19 August 2021. We are now ready with the foundation for our straw bale house and are assembling the frame and roof. In August, it's finally time to insulate the house with straw bales and then to put on clay plaster. Do you want to join? To lead the work with the straw bales we have hired Herbert Grüber and Peter Fleischhans from Austria. Herbert has invented the CUT method (which we use) and led several courses on straw bale construction in Sweden and Europe. They know an enormous amount and are happy to share their knowledge. To lead the work with clay plaster we have hired Erik Petersson from Åtorp to lead the work. Erik is an experienced bricklayer and trainer. He knows a lot about clay and is happy to share his knowledge. * Our plan for the first working week - straw bales * We want to be a group of about ten people working together. The work takes place 4–11 August, ie Wednesday to Wednesday. On Sunday 8 August, we take time off to swim and rest - in the eco-village there is a wood-fired sauna and nice bathing places. The first day we start working at 12 and the other days at 9. Each day ends at approx. 17.30 with a joint feedback round led by Herbert and Peter. * Our plan for the second working week - clay plaster * We want to be a group of about ten people working together. The work takes place 13–19 August, ie Friday to Thursday. On Monday the 16th of August we take time off to swim and rest. We start working at 9 and each day ends at approx. 17.30 with a joint feedback round led by Erik. * Good to know before registration * We want you to participate every day for at least a week. Registration is binding except in case of illness - this so that we do not suddenly have to stand alone with straw bales and clay up to the nose. If the corona situation gets worse, we may be forced to adjust the plans. Goda Händer ecovillage is located by Lake Skagern in the southern part of Degerfors municipality. The address is Råbäck 101, 693 94 Åtorp, Sweden. For registration and questions Contact Johanna by email or phone (+46) 0737-26 55 69, or Jens on phone (+46) 076-11 40 449.


    We have some temporary beds and plenty of good tent sites.


    We offer breakfast, lunch, coffee and supper all week. The food will be vegetarian.


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