Texarkana Cob Mahal

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    Acerca de nosotros

    Hi Everyone! We are Mike Droske and Nalini Reddy, a married couple in East Texas who have been bitten by the natural building/permaculture bug. We're building a multigenerational dream house for our family, and we plan on doing it with a lot of hard work and a lot of love. We aren't setting any deadlines, as we have the luxury of another place to live while we build, but we are serious about building a sustainable house that will be the center of our family life for us and for future generations for centuries to come.

    Mi lugar

    Our build is in Liberty Eylau, outside of Texarkana, TX. It's a rural neighborhood, with lots of horse pastures and trees.


    My wife Nalini Reddy and I are building a straw bale/cob/timber frame round (or torus-shaped) house in East Texas (Texarkana). We have built around 75% of the stone stem wall. We are looking for volunteers to help at every stage of the build, but will need help with completing the wall and leveling the interior of the house as soon as next week. Please let us know if you'd like to get your hands dirty!


    We have a travel trailer with a full bed, single bed, and air conditioning available for guests.


    We can provide vegetarian (usually Indian) food for people who are serious about helping us get this house built!


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