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This years ongoing projects are: - insulating experiences on the main guest house. - small hut experiences (you can build your own version) - garden experiences - sapling maintance - and a lot of other things we don't know yet :) Leer más

Hungary, Máriahalom

Développer et aménager le jardin en nous appuyant sur les principes de la permaculture; rendre l'ensemble de notre structure cohérent: culture de nos légumes, diminution des trajets voitures, recherche de bien-être dans la sobriété, balades ânes, pédestres, à vélo, maintenir de la biodiversité, 3 ruches sur places. Nous attendons des échanges de compétences, d'idées et d'expériences. Leer más

France, Le Bec-Thomas

In this remote village, with help of friends and volunteers, we have been developing a project in a property which will serve as a place for education and practices of sustainable living, natural building, organic food production, communal living, etc. Since 2017, we started developing a permaculture program, through an international project Permaculture as a Path to Peace, which was taking place in Bozevce, but also in other similar places in the Balkans. The program includes different activ... Leer más

Serbia, Novi Sad

Our goal is to rebuild this village and brighten an array of happiness for the local community. We manage various projects in the vicinity. Currently, we are working on the renovation of several cob houses in the village. Our ambitious plan is to create a community space. In addition, several buildings are in need of renovation. Last year we took over the management of the local grocery store. We completed the interior renovation of the building and the modernization of the equipment. The store... Leer más

Hungary, Tarnabod

Learn about energy efficient, sustainable building and affordable housing at the Moab Area Community Land Trust! This program offers an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on work experience while serving the Moab community. Daily tasks will vary based on the build schedule, and some phases of our builds are currently completed by sub-contractors. Please contact our Program Facilitator at for more info or questions about anticipated tasks during your term. You w... Leer más

United States, Moab

We are a group of 3 who have recently acquired 3 acres of land in the countryside of Ghana near the Volta lake. The land we acquired is near the river but not far from the main road and a mini forest. We have a dormitory to accommodate all our guests and volunteers and it is such a quiet place where you can meditate and have alone time. It is easy to access moving vehicles to wherever you want to go. We have begun work on the land. We intend to employ Ecology principles, we want to create ,... Leer más

Ghana, Adzokoe

The overall project is multi-phase. This is phase I and focuses on the orchard, growing plots, planting trees, finishing the round building and maybe building the main building (bank loan dependent). For the round building, the structure and roof decking are done, but still need to do walls (light straw clay), roof insulation, waterproofing, earthen roof, plaster, windows, door, floor, etc. This building is only about 16' (4.9m) in diameter. Leer más

United States, Lodi

The recent years we have been working mostly with our vegetable garden, which is a permaculture based system. This is by now completes and only needs relatively little work. The main project now is the restauration of the farmhouse, using ecologigal materials, such as celluose insulation. At the same time there will be various smaller construction projects, like a guest house floating on the lake, a greenhouse and a firewood shed. Leer más


We do cultural events and permacultural workshops. We are also involved with local community teaching languages and craftsmanship. You will help with our organic cultures, feed the chickens, and build structures such as chicken coops, benches, tables, and gardens. We are also learning so much here, so it will be an exchange of ideas and techniques. Leer más

Brazil, Guaratinguetá

3-day workshop where in the morning and afternoon a "Cob" clay oven will be built, In the evening instead big Sound System On , with a great friend music producer of Dub Roots it will make us dance and fall in love Leer más

Italy, Monti

I met Panha in northen Thailand in October 2022 at an earthen home building workshop in the north of Thailand. We stayed connected since then, as he told me that he would be building 2 earthen homes in 2023 - one on a land that he had bought and intends to transform into a regenerative farm, another for his aunt who is excited about living in an earthen home! This coming February, I will be joining him on that land to build the earthen home as part of his vision. It is currently only the both ... Leer más

Singapore, Singapore

We have ambitious plans to turn the Campsite into a community space, therefor we are building a new sanitary building and Spa area. Besides that, the main building needs to be rennovated. Annother project is the improvement and maintanance of the big vegetable garden. Leer más

Hungary, Kimle

Yassas ! My name is Omer, by the Aegean sea is a piece of heaven and the mission is to make it more welcoming, have fun while working on it, and all this time keeping it natural and harmonious. It's paradise, and can only get better and more fun. with your help. I'm not in a hurry, its perfect as it is, but there is a vision, a place we can camp and cultivate gradually while enjoying time together, doing, eating and chilling on the beach. *** The fifth round of the camp will take place in Spr... Leer más

Greece, Agios Ioannis

Avant de commencer les travaux de la maison , je m'aménage un studio dans une partie attenante (qui contient un four à pain). Et j'en profite pour mettre en oeuvre tout ce que j'ai appris ces dernières années! Maçonnerie pierres, pisé, murs en terre-paille, isolation paille, enduits terre, tadelakt... Là, je débute les enduits terre au plafond sur les bottes de paille et suivront, les enduits sur les murs et jointoiement des pierres. J'ai aussi une cheminée à bâtir au dessus du four à pain, l'él... Leer más

France, Domaize

Building cob structure with living roof. No cement. Milling Japanese Cedar on property for the roof now. Awesome fun project. Leer más

New Zealand, Kaitaia